SDF Commander Abdi evaluated agreement between US and Turkey

SDF Commander-in-Chief of General Mazlum Abdi evaluated the agreement reached between Turkey and the US on Ronahi Tv.

SDF Commander-in-Chief of General Mazlum Abdi said: "This is a start. The Turkish state has not stopped the invasion. Our people, our political forces should improve the struggle, Kurdish political forces should develop and strengthen their unity."

Commander Abdi said that talks on a possible agreement had been going on for three days and that the SDF were aware of the developments. US President Trump was keen on finding an agreement and had sent a letter to Turkish president Erdoğan.

Commander Abdi added: "Our people should know that the ceasefire agreement cover the area between Girê Spi and Serêkaniyê. We will do everything necessary to make the ceasefire a success."

Commander Abdi also said: "The US are responsible for watching over the agremeent which includes the return of displaced people to their homes and does not include changing the demographic of the area. The aims of the attackers must not be realised. Nothing has been discussed for the other regions. Our forces remain there." 

Commander Abdi underlined that "this ceasefire was the result of a heroic struggle by the soldiers of SDF, Kurds, Arabs, Assyrian Christians and others, carried out together and the result of the support of all the forces in the world, of people and of states, which all the forces of the world showed to the SDF."

Commander Abdi ended his remarks by saying: "We can say that is the beginning. The Turkish occupation will not continue in the current way. As a result of a great resistance, it has been brought to a halt. Our people and political forces must, in its place, increase their unity and increase their struggle, particularly our Kurdish political forces who must overcome the differences between them, and create a great unity, so that the phase before us will be successful."