SDF commander Kobanê: If Turkish attacks increase we will respond

SDF commander Erdal Kobanê said that if Turkish attacks increase they will respond in self-defense.

The attacks of the invading Turkish state and its mercenary allies against North-East Syria continue.

Ain Issa and the villages in the west of Girê Spî continue to be targeted together with the M4 road. At the same time Turkey increases its military dispatchment to occupied areas such as Girê Spî, and the number of military shelters on its border lines.

Erdal Kobanê, one of the SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces) commanders in Ain Issa, evaluated the increasing attacks of the Turkish state.

Erdal Kobanê said that the Turkish state does not act according to the ceasefire agreement and increases its attacks day by day. He added that the SDF will use their legitimate defense rights.

Pointing out the activity and movement on the border, the SDF commander said: “They are establishing new military bases on the border. The Turkish state has built about 5-6 new military bases. As far as we can follow, Turkey is trying to attack these areas by air and land.”

Kobanê underlined that the area between Abu Sira and Ain Issa on the M4 was most attacked, while the villages of Hoshan, Dibis and Xalîdiyê were bombed. “The Turkish state and its mercenaries attempted to infiltrate these areas but we responded and repelled the attempt. They are bombing the villages. Assassinations are being carried out to stop civilian cars from travelling on the M4 road. The Turkish state has been trying to occupy these lands again in this last month. As SDF we also have the strength and skills to protect these lands and the people.”

Stating that the SDF have complied with the agreement while the Turkish state has violated it, Kobanê said: “The reason why Russia and the [Syrian] regime are here is to prevent the attacks of the Turkish state. As far as we can see, neither Russia nor the Syrian regime play their role. When there is an attack on areas where the regime forces are stationed and its own soldiers are being injured, there is no response. The Turkish state shows the mercenaries responsible for these attacks, but Russia knows as much as we do that all the attacks come from the Turks. Now there is an agreement and we act according to this agreement, but if there is an attack on us, we will protect these lands and our people until the end.”