SDF Commander: We broke the defense line of ISIS

The General Commander in the last phase of the Operation Cizire Storm said that liberation of the Al-Bagouz village meant destroying the “defense lines” of the mercenaries.

Çiya Mihemed, General Commander in the last phase of the Operation Cizire Storm, dubbed “campaign to defeat terrorism”, held a press conference concerning the liberation of the Al-Bagouz village from ISIS.

Mihemed said the village was of great importance for the ISIS, adding; “This area has a strategic importance in military aspect. The mercenaries had established all their defense lines here. They did all they could to not lose the village as it was their last base leading to Hajin.”

Remarking that intense clashes took place around the village when the campaign began, Mihemed continued; “Our forces led a battle against the mercenaries using all kinds of weapons and battle tactics. The last three days witnessed very heavy fighting between our forces and ISIS. We inflicted a heavy blow on the mercenaries here, leaving dozens of them dead. Our forces also destroyed or seized a large quantity of ammunition of the mercenaries. International coalition forces took an active part in the campaign with both aircraft and heavy weaponry. Finally, our forces managed to destroy the bases of the mercenaries one by one, they liberated al-Bagouz and are advancing towards Hajin at the moment.”

The commander noted that hundreds of landmines were defused and a number of bomb-laden vehicles were destroyed by SDF fighters. He stressed that they owe the victory to the heroic martyrs and will keep the struggle of martyrs going.