SDF fighter Hesen Belek laid to rest in Kobanê

SDF fighter Hesen Şahin (Hesen Belek), who fell martyr during his military duty in the Sirîn district of Kobanê, was laid to rest at the Martyr Tigris graveyard in Kobanê.

Speaking at the ceremony that started with a minute of silence, Ebdulrehman Ali Demer, Member of the Martyrs' Families Assembly, said: “Our country has been liberated thanks to the martyrs. Our people should follow the path of the martyrs and protect their achievements. With this belief, all occupied areas should be liberated.”

Speaking on behalf of Hesen Belek's family, Celal Belek called for the protection of the gains of the martyrs.

HPG guerrilla Xeli Qewas (Hebûn Girê Spî), who was from the village of Xerbistan in Kobanê and fell martyr in Botan, was also commemorated at the ceremony.