SDF fighter Martyr Deysem Şihada (Seyf) laid to rest in Hesekê

SDF fighter Martyr Deysem Şihada (Seyf) was laid to rest with a ceremony held at Martyr Dijwar Cemetery in Hesekê.

SDF fighter Deysem Şihada (Seyf), fell as a martyr while on duty in Deir ez-Zor. He was laid to rest with a ceremony held in Martyr Dijwar Cemetery. Thousands of people gathered in front of the Hesekê Martyrs' Families Assembly to receive the remains of Martyr Seyf. The crowd moved to the village of Dawudiyê with a car convoy and held a minute’s silence at the cemetery.

Speaking at the ceremony, Newroz Rojhilat, one of the YPJ commanders, said: “Our martyrs paid the heaviest price for the freedom of the people. We will follow their path. We will not stop fighting until their goals are achieved. We will achieve victory with the resistance of the guerrillas against the invaders in the mountains of Kurdistan.”

Martyr Families Council member Fatime Ali said they were prour of their martyrs and promised to protect their achievements.

After the speeches, the identity information of Self-Defense Forces member Eseed El Hesen, who fell as a martyr while performing his duty, was announced.