SDF fighters: We don't allow invaders on our lands

"We will not compromise our legitimate right to defend against the invaders," said from Eyn Îsa the SDF fighters who resisted the attacks of the Turkish state and its mercenaries.

The Turkish state and its mercenary alliest continue their invasion of North-East Syria.

SDF fighters are continuing to carry out a resistance on the basis of legitimate defense against the repeated attacks on the Eyn Îsa front. The fighters said they would defend their territory to the end.

A SDF fighter named Nimir Reqa, member of the Raqqa force, said that they were defending their own territory. "We are acting on the basis of a determined strategy and the right to legitimate defense. The invaders attacked a village in Isa and we responded and cleared the village from mercenaries. We will never give up."

Stressing that Kurdish, Arab and Assyrian peoples together are resisting Turkish invasion attacks, SDF fighter Bahoz Kobane said: "As long as the attacks of the Turkish state and its mercenaries continue, we will continue our resistance. We will remove them from our lands. We are a very strong force here. Despite all the attacks, and the fact that they have aircrafts, we managed to frustrated the assault."

Expressing that they will not accept attacks on their territory, SDF fighter Delhat said: "The Turkish state mercenaries are attacking in the attempt to invade the villages and the international road. We have responded to them. We have cleared the village from them. We will not allow them to occupy our land."