SDF fighters: We will liberate Hajin as soon as possible

Having liberated the Upper Al-Bagouz village to the east of the Euphrates River from ISIS gangs, SDF fighters say they will be liberating the Hajin town, the last of the gang invaded area in the region, as soon as possible.

The Defeat Terrorism phase of the Operation Cizire Storm launched to rid the east of the Euphrates from ISIS gangs completely continues with the advance of the SDF fighters. The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) liberated the Al-Bagouz village 20 km to the Hajin town completely yesterday.

SDF fighter Alan Hesekê was part of the operation that liberated the village. Hesekê stressed that they take great care to ensure safety of civilians in the region. Alan Hesekê said the gangs have laid down landmines to stop the advance of the fighters, but they push on despite all obstacles.

Another fighter named Ehmed El-Elî said after the Al-Bagouz village, they will be heralding the freedom of the Hajin town soon. El-Elî said there are landmines and explosive laden vehicles to deal with as the gangs attempt to hinder their advance, and stressed that the SDF will end all gangs in the region and provide liberated living spaces for peoples despite all.