SDF General Command and US Central Command review Operation Humanity and Security in Hol Camp

The SDF General Command and the US Central Command reviewed Humanity and Security operation in Hol Camp.

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) Press Centre issued a press release about the meeting that took place with the US Central Command to review the currently ongoing operation in Hol Camp.

The statement said: "A joint delegation of the SDF General Command headed by General Mazlum Abdi and the US Central Command headed by General Michael “Erik” Kurilla conducted yesterday a visitation to the al-Hol camp to review the situation of the camp and the ongoing Operation Humanity & Security launched by the Internal Security Forces to track down the ISIS cells inside the camp.

The joint delegation received more information and details about the security and humanitarian situation of the camp. The command of Operation Humanity and Security gave detailed information about ISIS’s old and new schemes to control the camp by pressuring and threatening the residents to join them and killing and torturing the camp residents.

The command indicated that ISIS was preparing for the so-called second Califate, using different methods. The command mentioned the former and current attempts by ISIS cells to escape the camp, communications with the outside, and hiding weapons inside the camp to carry out terrorist acts."

The statement continued: "The command of Operation Humanity & Security informed the delegation that ISIS is trying to breed a new generation and attract recruits by taking advantage of the humanitarian situation inside the camp and using some tents for promoting ISIS extremist ideology. Most of these tents were demolished during the Operation.

The General Command demanded an immediate, urgent and complete solution that integrates with the exerted efforts of the SDF, draining ISIS’ environment and preventing it from resurgence.

The command of Operation Humanity and Security stressed the risk of neglecting the al-Hol camp by the international community, and the abstention of some countries from repatriating their nationals and putting them on trial according to their laws."

The statement added: "The camp Administration described the humanitarian circumstances of the camp with regard to the threats by ISIS cells and their attempts to take advantage of the humanitarian circumstances to recruit people. Sometimes they resort to coercion, let alone the constantly increased births to breed a new generation of ISIS women.

General Michael Kurilla, the commander of the US Central Command, expressed his condolences for the martyrdom of two SDF fighters who were martyred due to a firefight with an ISIS cell trying to escape the camp two days earlier. He also showed solidarity with the SDF and the families of the martyrs.

General Kurilla emphasized that the International Coalition are supporting the consistent struggle of the SDF against ISIS, especially in Operation Humanity and Security in the Hol Camp. He stressed the need to prevent ISIS from threatening the people of the region, especially the residents of the camp, calling on the countries to repatriate their nationals and rehabilitating them."