SDF Martyrs laid to rest in Manbij

SDF fighters Erîc Manbij and Ferhad Manbij, who fell martyrs during the Honor Resistance, were laid to rest in Manbij Martyrs graveyard.

SDF fighters Erîc Manbij (Cîhan Ebdulrehman) and Ferhad Manbij (Yusuf Mihemed Dûcî), who fell martys during the Honor Resistance, were laid to rest in Manbij Martyrs graveyard with a military ceremony.

Speaking at the ceremony, Manbij Military Assembly spokesperson Şervan Derwîş said: "Our martyrs wrote their names in history in golden letters. Our martyrs liberated Manbij from terror. We stand behind our promise to protect the values ​​that our martyrs have defended and protected". Speaking afterwards, the co-chair of the Martyrs' Families Assembly, Mehmed al-Îdo, said: "We are here in the holy presence of our martyrs who are the symbol of sacrifice. There's no word for their heroism. Our martyrs wrote legends of sacrifice with their blood."

Îdo, Ebîr Eqle, co-chair of the Economic Committee for Democratic Civil Administration and Farûq El Maşî, co-chair of the Social Services Committee of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, also spoke at the ceremony.

After the speeches, the Martyrs' Families Assembly read the document of the martyrs and delivered them to their families.

The martyrs were buried accompanied by applause.

The remains of some fighters who fell martyrs in the villages of Manbij and were buried there were transferred to Manbij Martyrs graveyard by the Martyrs' Families Assembly.

The names of the martyrs whose remains were transferred are as follows: Manbij Military Council fighters Mihemed Eta, Îbrahîm Îsmaîl El Hamid, Xelef El Hamid (Ebû Qeşlê), Hemîs Sewadî and SDF fighter Feysel Şihade.