SDF publishes balance sheet of attacks on Ain Issa

The SDF published a balance sheet of attacks by Turkey and allied jihadists on the northern Syrian town of Ain Issa and attached villages in October. Artillery strikes hit settlement areas on an almost daily basis.

The military observation office of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) has published a report on the violations of international law by the Turkish state in and around Ain Issa during the month of October. The attacks were mainly directed against civilian settlements and infrastructure along the M4 international highway, which runs through northern Syria like a lifeline and connects the Euphrates and Cizire regions. As such, it is of strategic importance.

▪ On October 5, a military vehicle was attacked by Syrian government forces in the outskirts of the village of al-Hoshan (Hoşan), west of Ain Issa. Four soldiers were injured.

▪ On October 8, the SDF foiled an attempted infiltration into the village of al-Salibi. A mercenary from the Turkish-established "Syrian National Army" (SNA) militia group involved in the raid was injured.

▪ On October 9, the village of al-Hawija (Hiwêce), located in the east of Ain Issa, was bombed by the occupation forces.

▪ On October 10, the gas station in al-Ittihad and points on the M4 east of the city were attacked with heavy weapons.

▪ On October 12, the commercial center in the east of Ain Issa was targeted by the occupation forces. Heavy property damage resulted from the bombardment. The wheat depots in the nearby village of Mushairefah (Mişerfa) and Sharqiya (Şerqiye), as well as the M4 and the village of Seyda, came under artillery fire.

▪ On October 15, al-Hawija again came under heavy weapons fire. On the same day, attacks were also carried out on the village of Umm al-Baramil; property damage was caused to the villagers' property.

▪ On October 22, the village of Abu Nitawa, west of Ain Issa, came under attack. Targets on the M4 were also hit again.

▪ On October 23, rockets fired from the Turkish base in the village of al-Saqir struck the village of al-Tariq, east of the region. The bombardment caused heavy property damage.

▪ On October 26, the wheat depots in Mushairefah and Sharqiya as well as the section of the M4 there were again attacked with artillery.

▪ On October 27, another attack was carried out on the village of Seyda.

▪ On October 30, the occupation forces in al-Saqir first attacked the village of Hawija with heavy weapons. Subsequently, the village was bombed.

▪ On October 31, Hawija was again the target of heavy bombardment.

▪ The SDF also pointed out that attacks by the Turkish army and allied jihadist militias in western Ain Issa as well as Girê Spî (Tal Abyad), targets along the M4, in Khalidiya, Hoshan and Dibis continue to occur almost daily.