SDF thwarts an attack and eliminates two terrorists in Shaddadi

An attack on a Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) point near Shaddadi was foiled and both attackers were killed.

On January 4, two terrorists attacked one of the SDF points in the village of al-Taljah in al-Shadadi, south of al-Hasaka.

According to SDF Media Centre, the SDF fighters promptly engaged in a clash, successfully eliminating both terrorists and confiscating the following weapons:

AK-47: 2

AK-47 Magazines: 2

RPG Launcher: 1

RPG Shells: 3

RPG Shells Quiver: 1

Motorcycle: 1

SDF underlined that: “Our commitment to ongoing security operations against ISIS remains steadfast. These efforts are aimed at thwarting ISIS plans, degrading their threat, and establishing lasting stability and security in north and eastern Syria.”