SDF: Turkish army bombing civilian areas in Ain Issa

The SDF Press Center reported that the occupying Turkish state bombed civilian settlements with heavy weapons and howitzers.

The SDF Press Center released information about the attacks carried out by the occupying Turkish state and the operations the SDF themselves are carrying out against ISIS sleeper cells.

The SDF said: "The invading Turkish army and mercenary groups are targeting Til Temir and Ain Issa villages with heavy weapons and howitzers."

TIL TEMIR: The mercenary groups targeted the villages of Raşidiyê and Bab and their surroundings.

AIN ISSA: The invading Turkish army heavily bombed the Seqir area near the villages of Um Hiwêş, Kor Hesen, Xirbit Beqar, El Dibis, El Xaldiyê and Xaldiyê with heavy weapons, mortars and howitzers.

In addition, mercenary groups attempted to attack Syrian army forces on the ground. As a result of the attacks and bombings, material damages have occurred in civilian settlements."

Regarding the operation against ISIS sleeper cells, the SDF said: "Self-Defense Forces have frustrated the attack of ISIS sleeper cells in the Deir ez-Zor area. A large number of rockets and mines were confiscated by the Border Forces and the Self-Defense Forces and the operation was foiled."