Sheikh Maqsoud: 15,500 pupils at eight schools

In the self-governing neighborhoods of Sheikh Maqsoud and Ashrafiyah in Aleppo there are great problems with the schooling of children and young people. 15,500 students attend eight schools. Classes have to be held in shifts.

Many neighborhoods of Aleppo suffered severe damage during the fighting between 2013 and 2016, which is still visible. Militias supported by the Turkish state attacked, destroyed and looted especially the schools in the city.

The schools in the neighborhoods of Sheikh Maqsoud and Ashrafiyah take in hundreds of new pupils every year. According to the Democratic Education Committee, 15,500 students were taught there in 2019. As the schools are too small and there is a lack of teachers, there are between 55 and 70 students in each class.

According to the regulations of the local government, the maximum number of pupils in the classes is 35. Teacher Hêvîn Abdo tells the following on the adaptation of teaching methods: "As an education committee, we try to give the pupils more opportunities to learn. Since there are so many of them taking part in the lessons, we have introduced a system of two shifts, one in the morning and one in the afternoon".