Solidarity to Maxmur refugees from Qamishlo

The members of the Hililiye Commune in Qamishlo, told the people of Maxmur Refugees Camp that they were not alone fighting the embargo.

The members of the Hililiye neighborough Commune reiterated their support to the people in Maxmur.

The Refugees Camp has been under embargo for over a month, since the killing of the responsible of MIT (Turkish Secret Services) for South Kurdistan.

Saliha Keleş from the Hililiye Neighborhood Commune and member of Kongreya Star member told ANF: "We condemn the embargo imposed on Maxmur. We know that women are those experiencing the most difficult and painful condition. Women who needed to be medically treated were denied exit from the camp and some loste their babies because they were not allowed to go to hospital outside the camp. Women in Bashur Kurdistan should not remain silent. We have to stand by our people who are in trouble."

Hililiye Commune and PYD member Nizameddin Nuri Hisen recalled that they also received their share of the refugees fleeing from the threats and attacks of the Turkish state. "The people of Maxmûr are under an embargo. - said Hisen - They are in such a difficult situation that they cannot even go to hospitals. Those who support the attacks of the Turkish state are those who also said nothing about the embargo."