Staff of the Avrîn Hospital continue their work in Shehba

The staff of the Avrîn Hospital are now continuing their work in the canton of Shehba with the health care of the displaced people.

The staff of the Avrîn hospital in Afrin, which was bombed by Turkey, are continuing their work by serving the population who fled to Shehba. The doctors and nurses work in simple premises in the district of Ehrenz, which have been provided to them by the self-government of the canton of Shehba. However, only simple medical care is possible here.

Dr. Azad Sebri, one of the doctors at the Avrîn Hospital, said that they will continue to resist: "We have rescued and treated all those injured. But the Turkish state attacked our hospital, there were dead and injured. We were forced to flee. Now we continue our work in the canton of Shehba. We continue to treat our patients and the injured. "

Dr. Sebri reports on the difficult living conditions of the population of Afrin on the run and that especially children and old people are affected by diseases: "There are many sick people. The most common are kidney problems, breast and heart problems. The majority were in vehicles for a long time and were exposed to the cold weather. "Sebri called on health organizations to help with medical supplies.