Students in Qamishlo protest Turkish massacre of children

People of northern Syria stand against the Turkish genocidal campaign seeking to invade North and East Syria amid grave war crimes and crimes against humanity that also target children and minors.

Students took to the streets in Amude and Til Kocher districts of Qamishlo and protested the Turkish state’s massacre of children.

Thousands of students joined the demonstration in Amude. With pens and notebooks in their hands, the students displayed banners that read “No to Turkish invasion”, “Erdoğan is child killer” and “Turkish state massacres children with white phosphorus”. Following the march through the main streets, the students ended their action and attended classes.

Hundreds of students and teachers held a demonstration to condemn the Turkish state’s crimes in northern Syria and to express their solidarity with the SDF’s Resistance of Honor.

With SDF flags in their hands, students carried banners reading “Stop the wars targeting our schools and future”, “War deprives children of their right to education” and “Protection of children from conflict is just a slogan”.

The march was followed by a rally in the town center where speakers condemned the war crimes of the Turkish state and allied mercenary groups.