Swedish delegation visits Autonomous Administration

A Swedish delegation visited the Autonomous Administration and took some of the Swedish children and wives of ISIS mercenaries, back with them.

A Swedish delegation headed by Ambassador Frederic Florent and his deputy Christine Hedenberg met with the Foreign Relations Department of the Autonomous Administration of Northern and Eastern Syria.

The delegation was welcomed by Foreign Relations Department co-chair Fener El-Giret, Board member Nafiye Mihemed, European Department chair Wazêwaz Xelîl and YPJ representative Lana Hisên.

During the meeting, the economic and political situation of Northern and Eastern Syria was discussed, and documents were signed to allow the return of some children and wives of Swedish ISIS members to the country of origin.

Co-chair Fener El-Giret said the following regarding the latest attacks of ISIS mercenaries on Sina Prison: "In this war, more than 5,000 citizens fell as martyrs, as well as many fighters. Hundreds of thousands of people were forced to migrate while thousands of houses were destroyed."

‘International forces must take responsibility for their nationals’

El-Giret said that the Autonomous Administration is facing the threat of the world's largest terrorist organization, but international forces have not yet taken responsibility for their nationals, whether ISIS mercenaries or their families currently in the camps in Northern and Eastern Syria.

Emphasizing the importance of supporting the Autonomous Administration, El-Giret said: "There is a political and economic need to support the Autonomous Administration in order to improve the situation of camps, prisons and rehabilitation and education centers and put an end to terrorism. ISIS continues to attack and commit crimes every day in Serêkaniyê, Afrin and Girê Spi."

‘We will continue to support the Autonomous Administration’

Ambassador Frederic Florent expressed his worries about the attacks on Hesekê and conveyed his condolences to the families of the martyrs. Florent added that his country continues to support the Autonomous Administration.

Thanks to an official agreement between the Northern and Eastern Syria Autonomous Administration and Sweden, the children and wives of Swedish ISIS members were handed over to the Swedish officials.