Swiss Climate Strike: Turkish attacks on Kurds must end

The Swiss Climate Strike demanded that the genocidal attacks of the Turkish state against the Kurdish people be stopped.

In the statement titled “Rojava and the climate movement”, the activists said: “We stand by the Kurdish freedom movement and the ecological and feminist societies they are building. Turkey's attacks must stop!”

The statement added: “Rojava – and what does that have to do with the climate movement?

Since 1923, the Kurdish-dominated territory has been divided between different states: Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey. These governments are oppressing the Kurdish population.

The Kurds have been resisting this oppression for years, and in 2014 they liberated a large part of northern and eastern Syria from the occupation of ISIS terrorists. Later, they established the Rojava Autonomous Administration.”

The statement continued: “The Kurdish freedom movement is based on the values of ecology, feminism and democracy. Rojava is organized with a democratic councils system from below. There is a parallel structure to each council structure and open only to women.

However, since 2016, the Turkish state has repeatedly launched military attacks against Kurdish defense units and civilian populations. This happens in the form of chemical weapons, which are internationally banned, as well as ecological attacks such as the burning of fields.

Reports of chemical weapons use have increased this summer and fall. Şebnem Fincancı, President of the Turkish Medical Association, called for an independent investigation and was immediately arrested. Chemical weapons are not only extremely dangerous to humans, but also seriously pollute the environment."