Syriac Military Council: We are ready to protect our land

Assyrian fighters and commanders said that the Turkish state was trying to expel the peoples of Northern and Eastern Syria and said: "We are ready to protect our land and give our lives for this cause."

The Turkish state continues to attack Northern and Eastern Syria. All Kurdish, Arab, Assyrian and Armenian regions were targeted in the attacks.

Great preparations to counter possible attacks are being made by the people of the region together with the Northern and Eastern Syria Autonomous Administration and the SDF.

The Syriac Military Council, one of the groups within the SDF, said that they have the right to stop the Turkish state attacks and massacres.

'Our mission is to protect the entire region'

Speaking to ANHA, Noah Isa, Commander of the Assyrian Military Council of Dêrik district, said: “All religious places, especially mosques and churches, are the target of the invaders. That's why it's our duty to protect the entire region from massacre, displacement and violence. The invading Turkish state, which increased its attacks on the region after bringing the end of ISIS, wants to destroy brotherhood and security in the region today."

Stating that the SDF is the only force fighting against ISIS, representing the people of the region and ensuring the security of the region, Nuh Isa said: "The Syriac Military Council, as part of the SDF, promised to protect our borders and the freedom and dignity of the people of the region. And we repeat this promise: we will persevere to the end."

Dêrik Syriac Military Council fighter Jak Fuad said: "The invading Turkish state is trying to destroy the security of the region and the experience of the successful Autonomous Administration with its attacks. The ongoing attacks by the Turkish occupation aim to scare the residents and force them out of the region."