Syrian Democratic Council congress elects new co-chairs

Leyla Qereh Man and Mehmud Deham Ebdulezîz were elected as co-chairs of the MSD at the end of the organization’s 4th congress.

The Syrian Democratic Council (MSD) held its 4th congress in Raqqa with the participation of 400 delegates. In the election held after day-long discussions, Leyla Qereh Man and Mehmûd Deham Ebdulezîz were elected as MSD co-chairs.

Leyla Qereh Man

Leyla Qereh Man was born in Afrin in 1980. At the beginning of the 19 July Rojava Revolution, she increased her political activities, especially within the women's political movements.

Leyla Qereh Man opened the Women's Education and Ideology Center in Aleppo and Afrin. She later carried out her political activities in Lebanon as Kongra Star's diplomatic relations representative.

Leyla Qereh Man attended the 3rd Congress of the MSD held in 2018. She served as a member of the presidential council and deputy chair of the organization. In 2020, she joined the Future of Syria Party and served as the party's deputy chair.

Mehmûd Deham Ebdulezîz

Mehmûd Deham Ebdulezîz was born in Hesekê in 1974. He completed a master in international relations. He carried out works in the field of Middle Eastern studies. He was an academic at the Ohio University and Oberlin University in the US.

In 2014, he was arrested by the Damascus government on the grounds that he was a member of a banned political organization.