Teachers in Hesekê: Education in Kurdish cannot be touched!

Teachers from Hesekê said that no one can prevent Kurdish from being taught in Rojava, and that education in mother tongue and the teaching of Kurdish language in schools were an achievements of the martyrs of freedom.

During the Kurdish national unity negotiations, the ENKS had required to have educational materials prepared by the Syrian government instead of Kurdish educational materials in schools in Rojava. Teachers in Hesekê reacted to this request by explaining that the teaching in and of Kurdish language is one of the greatest achievements of the martyrs and that it should be protected.

Teacher Zilan Hiso told ANHA: “The ENKS demanded that the materials prepared by the Syrian government were taught to students. One of the greatest achievements of the martyrs with the Rojava Revolution was that everyone could be educated in their mother tongue. Nobody can prevent education in Kurdish in Rojava. We cannot waste the efforts and conquests of the martyrs.”

Teacher Ronahi Mele Reşid emphasized that education in Kurdish is a dream come true for the people and added: “With the Rojava Revolution, we had the chance to make our dreams come true. Our children started to receive education in their mother tongue. Our language, our culture is our identity and our history."

Calling the Kurdish people to embrace education in their mother tongue, teacher Malik Ali said: “Our language; is our body. Just as we protect ourselves from the attacks against our body, we should be able to protect our language from the attacks it received."