Tens of thousands protest against Turkish invasion in NE Syria

The Turkish government has announced ongoing preparations for an imminent incursion into northern Syria.

People of North and East Syria have taken to the streets in masses on Monday to declare their commitment to counter an invasion attempt by the Turkish state.


Thousands gathered in Til Hemis town of the Qamishlo Canton and staged a march in protest at Turkish invasion.

Banners carried by people read “No to Turkish existence on our lands”, “No to terrorist Erdoğan” and “Defeat invasion with the will of free woman”.

The march turned into a rally at the Martyrs’ Square where speeches condemning Turkey’s continuing threats against Northeast Syria were made.

Speaking in the name of the tribes in Til Hemis, Abdulxaliq Abdullah said; “Turkey has a notorious history. They have enabled terror to cross into this territory and turned Syria into ruins. Turkey does not want the people to live with their own will and seeks to realize its own interests, but we will be standing against it to the end.”


People of Gire Spi flocked to the border village of Misherfa Azo to the east of the city and formed a human chain across the Turkish border. Further protest demonstrations took place in the border village of Nis Til and Minbeteh neighborhood. People will start human shield actions against invasion in Nis Til, Misherfa Azo and Minbeteh.


A protest march against Turkish threats was joined by large crowds in Derik city. The march that kicked off from the Freedom Square continued till the city center.

Speaking after the march, Derik District Council Co-president Saheb Osman stressed that the peoples of North and East Syria who have given thousands of martyrs to finish off ISIS, would not remain silent on Turkey’s threats.

Osman recalled that Turkey’s history was known for atrocities and called for the peoples of North and East Syria to unite and increase their struggle against invasion.


Thousands took to the streets in Tirbespiye city in the Qamishlo Canton after the Turkish state openly announced its preparations to invade the region.

During the march in the city center, people carried banners that read “No new Ottoman” and “Long Live Fraternity of Peoples” as well as flags of the SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces) and TEV-DEM (Democratic Society Movement). All shutters have been taken down across the city today.

The march continued till Martyr Yekta Herekol Academy where Tirbespiye District Council Co-president Abdulrehmî Hiso, PYD member Silêman Bedir and Kongreya Star member Mewa Xelîfe spoke.

Speakers protested Turkey’s continued threats and vowed to resist a possible attempt of invasion. They highlighted Turkey’s plans to settle mercenaries in the region as in Afrin, and called on the people to resist the Turkish state alongside the SDF.


People of Girkê Legê also protested the Turkish state’s threats of invasion against the region. Addressing the crowd, Kongreya Star executive Meliha Ebdellah highlighted the Turkish state’s long-known intention to massacre the Kurdish people and destroy their will.

Ebdellah also denounced Turkey’s support for the jihadist groups in Syria and stressed that the people of the region, who base on the democratic nation system, have the faith and strength to stand against invasion.

Girkê Legê District Council Co-president Mihemed Cemil called upon all peoples living in the region to unite and get ready for a struggle.


People of the Til Kocher town took to the streets and expressed their determination to frustrate Turkey’s invasion plans against the region.

“Our will is stronger that Turkey’s invasion. We established our institutions to help everyone and to protect our achievements. Syria belongs to all of us. We will prove the whole world that we do not accept an invasion of our lands,” said Til Kocher District Council Co-president Newaf Xidan.


Deir ez-Zor Civil Council held a press conference in response to Turkey’s invasion threats against the region.

Speaking here, Deir ez-Zor Civil Council Co-president Samir Abdullah stated that the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) would have to maintain border security in the face of the threats.

“In the areas where SDF are set to withdraw from, the states of the region will engage in tendencies in line with their own interests. What has happened in Deir ez-Zor recently exposes the dimension of the danger.”

Abdullah warned that a possible Turkish attack would lead to a humanitarian disaster and called upon the peoples of Syria to uphold their responsibilities, to support the SDF and to protect the achievements that have been made at the cost of a heavy price.”