TEV-DEM: Perpetrators of the Shengal genocide must face trial

TEV-DEM issued a statement on the fifth anniversary of the August 3 Shengal massacre, condemning it and calling for national unity against invasions.

Democratic Society Movement (TEV-DEM) issued a written statement on the fifth anniversary of the ISIS genocidal attacks against Shengal and said the perpetrators must face trial in international courts.

The TEV-DEM statement said:

“It has been five years since the massacre. The ISIS hold on the land has been ended, but an international court for the trial of the terrorists and their partners still hasn’t been established.

Yazidi society and the people who fought against ISIS are waiting for this court to be established and bring to justice the perpetrators of this 73rd genocide.”

The statement also pointed to the Turkish state’s threats of invasion against Northern and Eastern Syria and stressed that the threats aim to revive ISIS against the Kurdish and Yazidi people in Shengal.

TEV-DEM said the Turkish state wants to smear administrators of the Kurdish Freedom Movement in Shengal and Southern Kurdistan, together with certain Kurdish groups.

The statement said the Yazidi society is not the same as before and now have the self-defense forces to protect their gains.

TEV-DEM condemned the Shengal massacre and called for national unity among Kurdistan society to defend the gains and to end the massacres by invaders and gangs.