TEV-DEM: We must take a national stance against all kinds of attacks on our lands

TEV-DEM condemned the Turkish state's drone attack in Qamishlo and said, "We must take a national stance against all kinds of attacks on our lands."

The Democratic Society Movement (TEV-DEM) condemned Tuesday's drone attack by Turkey in Qamishlo in a written statement. TEV-DEM said, “The Turkish state carries out massacres and air strikes in lands outside its borders, without recognizing any international law. The Turkish state, which continues to take courage from the international silence, is increasing the crimes it commits outside its borders every passing day.”

The statement continued: “The attack in Qamishlo was a cowardly attack. The target of the attack was a patriotic family and, in turn, the unwavering will of the Kurdish people. Yusif Gulo was a man who worked in four parts of Kurdistan. The attack on Yusif Gulo, who mobilized everything he could, materially and spiritually, for his brothers, is an attack on the people's legacy of struggle.

As the Democratic Society Movement, we condemn the attacks of the Turkish state targeting the will of the peoples. Russia and the International Coalition are responsible for these attacks. If these two powers exert pressure, the Turkish state cannot commit these crimes.

We call on the Kurdish people, but also on all components living in Northern and Eastern Syria to protect their achievements against such attacks. We must take a national stance against any attack on our lands.”