The Afrin Social Association condemns killings of four civilians in Jinderes

The Afrin Social Association condemned the killings of four civilians in Jinderes.

The Afrin Social Association condemned the "heinous crime committed by the terrorist factions against civilians" and called on "international and human rights organizations to the following:

1. Declaring Afrin a demilitarized humanitarian zone, expelling all military factions, and allowing the safe return of its original inhabitants. The process should be under the supervision of the international community.

2. Accountability of those responsible for committing crimes against humanity and daily violations of international humanitarian law.

3. Handing over the administration and security of the Afrin region to its original local population. Accordingly, building a fair and transparent judicial system.

4. The release of all detainees and abductees, clarifying the fate of the forcibly disappeared, and compensating those affected.

5. Ensure that the media and international human rights organizations enter Afrin and operate freely."

On 20 March, the terrorist groups supported by the Turkish occupation killed 4 civilians in the Jindires district of Afrin. The four were named as Farah al-Din Othman, Muhammad Farah al-Din Othman, Nazmi Othman, Muhammad Othman.