The important work of the prosthetic centre in Qamishlo

Tens of thousands of civilians were murdered in the war that has been going on for 9 years in Syria and tens of thousands more were forced to flee their homes.

Nejbîr Ehmed Ismaîl and his family, who lived in Dêrik, settled in the Damascus countryside before the revolution in 2011. Nejbîr worked in Damascus. With the war reaching Damascus countryside, Nejbîr returned to Dêrik with his family.

Following the liberation carried out by the YPG of many areas previously under the Syrian regime, the YPG started to gain the trust of the people of the region. Nejbîr, joined the YPG ranks in late 2012.

Nejbîr took part in many of the liberation operations against al-Nusra mercenaries in the canton of Qamishlo. On 25 March 2014, he took part in the historical resistance against the al-Nusra mercenaries in the district of Ceza, southeast of Qamishlo.

He was seriously injured when a bomb exploded near him. Nejbîr's foot had to be cut as a shrapnel piece got stuck in it. He was taken to South Kurdistan by Heyva Sor a Kurd and treated there. A prosthetic foot was made for Nejbîr in Hewlêr. After a while Nejbîr met an expert who made prosthetic feet.

After returning from Southern Kurdistan, Nejbîr continued to suffer because of his foot and learned that there was a prosthetic center at Heyva Sor a Kurd in Qamishlo. Nejbîr went to the center and coincided with the person who was treating him in Southern Kurdistan. Nejbîr started to work in the center.

Nejbîr told ANHA that I wants to work in the centre because he wants "to help those who, like me, have lost part of their body."

Nejbîr said that he has received specific training and that the center where he works is unique in the region and offers free services. "I can understand what a wounded person feels when he comes here. Because I've felt the same pain. I try my best to help them. I'm telling them to believe it is possible to get better. In this way, I facilitate their treatment. We live in a war environment. I'm trying to do what I can."