'The source of ISIS must be wiped off,' says Kurdish politician Gêlo Îsa

"It is not enough to combat ISIS. The origin of ISIS must be wiped off. ISIS is fed by the Turkish state. The Turkish state must be stopped," Kurdish politician Gêlo Îsa said.

Gêlo Îsa, a member of the Syrian Democratic Kurdish Party's Central Committee, told ANF that in order to completely defeat ISIS, an international stance must first be taken against the Turkish state.

How do you assess the ISIS attack on Hesekê, and from where did ISIS obtain the power to carry it out?

These attacks have been carried out for a number of reasons. First and foremost, they are intended to break the will of the people of the region and destroy the achievements of the previous ten years. The people of North-East Syria coexist in peace and within the framework of a democratic system, and with the presence of the Autonomous Administration, the SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces), and MSD (Syrian Democratic Council). ISIS attacked to destroy this way of life, as all of these things jeopardize ISIS's existence. The 17th Astana summit marks the beginning of the assault on this society. In some ways, these attacks represent the implementation of the decisions taken there. ISIS, of course, is more than just a threat to Rojava. It is a threat to Kurdistan as a whole. The Turkish state's goal is to break the will of the Kurdish people throughout Kurdistan. It wishes to break the chain of resistance and battle. The Hesekê attack had a purpose for these forces. ISIS is the one who carries out these states' goals. This wasn't merely something about a sleeper cell. For seven days, thousands of internal and external mercenaries fought against the SDF and the International Coalition. That is not something a gang group like that can accomplish.

When ISIS attacked, the Damascus regime's first response was overwhelmingly hostile to the SDF and the Autonomous Administration; how do you assess this?

This should be fully understood by the international community. ISIS is a big problem. In this regard, the approach should be serious as well. The press should not be the exclusive source of information about the ISIS problem. Some things must occur in practice. The ISIS mentality should be abolished. The administration of North-East Syria has consistently asked for a solution to this problem. There have been calls for children who have been harmed by ISIS. Hundreds of thousands are currently housed in prisons and camps. We've always said that they are bombs ready to explode. This is what is going on right now.

ISIS is needed by both the Turkish state and the Damascus regime. ISIS is actually assisting them. The Autonomous Administration must first be weakened in order for the Damascus regime to invade and administer our territory. Since the beginning, the Turkish state has had no problems with the Damascus dictatorship and the Baath regime. Their problem is with the Kurds. Turkey opposes the development of a Kurdish will and status in Rojava. A democratic system built by the Kurds will serve as a model for Syria as a whole. The Damascus dictatorship was unable to govern its own people. And unfortunately, the Syrian opposition has also entirely submitted to Turkey's state.

In the midst of such confusion, the Autonomous Administration established a new status. They instilled in all peoples a sense of equality. They are defending this country together. This serves neither the Turkish state nor the Damascus regime's interests.

What is the responsibility of international powers here?

The Turkish government and the Damascus dictatorship are playing games. Russia, for its own interest, is also deafeningly silent, at times even applauding. In this regard, the International Coalition must carry out its obligations and responsibilities. It should not be left solely to Kurds and the Autonomous Administration. It is not only the Kurdish people and the Autonomous Administration's responsibility to free the world from ISIS. This is a responsibility that the entire world bears. The Autonomous Administration should be supported by the entire world. This must be addressed on a political, diplomatic, social, and financial level. How far are we willing to go for the memory of our 121 martyrs? This problem must immediately be addressed.

This most recent strike was likewise planned by the Turkish government. The International Coalition must stop the Turkish state at its border and condemn its attacks on the people of Rojava. Fighting ISIS alone will not be enough. The source of ISIS must be cut off. ISIS is fed by the Turkish state. The Turkish state is the origin and genesis of ISIS.