The threats of the Turkish state are discussed in Girê Spî

Speaking at the workshop organized by the Arab tribes in Girê Spî with the slogan "No to the Turkish state occupation of North-East Syria, yes to a safe Syria", Ilham Ehmed said: “We are writing a new history that will serve all Syrian people."

The North and East Syrian Opinion Leaders Committee and the MSD (Syrian Democratic Council) organized the Tribes and Clans Workshop in the village of Tenhuze in Girê Spî, to discuss the threats of the Turkish state towards Syria.

A total of 500 people, including the clans of Bagera, Egidat, Cabur, Weldê, Evdalê, Emirat, Enzê, Neim, Şemer and Mucedeme, attended the workshop.

PYD spokesperson Salih Muslim, MSD Executive Board Chairman Ilham Ehmed, as well as a number of representatives of local Arab tribes attended the workshop.

The tribal opinion leaders in the region should play their national roles and missions in the sensitive process of the country, said Hemdan El-Ebid, Co-Vice-President of the Executive Council of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria.

Ehmed: The unity of Syrians will provide a solution

"Syria has turned into a battlefield for world forces. - said Ilham Ehmed - We see that the intervention of foreign powers has actually deepened the Syrian crisis. If the Syrian regime had taken steps to solve the crisis, foreign forces would not have so heavily intervened.”

Emphasizing that the unity of Syrians will provide a solution Ilham Ehmed, said: "ISIS and other gang groups have arisen because of the lack of a democratic partnership in Syria and the interventions of external forces.

Now we are writing a new history that will serve all Syrian people. In Idlib, we see the agreements of international forces. Turkey said it is helping the Syrian people but in fact it is helping the jihadists. During the Astana talks, it was established that these regions would be handed over to the Syrian regime."

Ehmed added: "It is not possible for the groups and persons proposed for the new constitutional negotiations to represent the Syrian people. Among them, there is no force fighting for the Syrian people. The regime and opposition groups do not take any initiative for the Syrian people. There is a deep crisis."

Ehmed also said: "As long as nobody attacks us, we won't attack anyone. Local military assemblies established in Northern and Eastern Syria will ensure the security of the border. We will develop dialogue with Damascus until we reach peace and confidence in the region. Our main objective is the security of the region and the liberation of Afrin."

‘We will never accept the occupation of the Turkish state’

Then the participants took the floor and presented their opinions and suggestions on the establishment of the so called security zone. Emphasizing that they will never accept the occupation of the Turkish state, the tribal representatives said they will strengthen the political experiment of common life being implemented in the region.

Responding to the questions of the participants, PYD spokesperson, Salih Muslim, said: "In order to protect the security of our region, we have previously presented our defense mechanisms to the international forces for the defense of the border."