The Turkish army increased bombing of villages in Shera

The invading Turkish army started to bomb the villages of Merenaz, Elqemiya, Eyn Diqna and Minêx after bombing the villages of Shewarxê and Malikiyê in Shera.

The invading Turkish state widened its attacks on Shera district of Afrin.

Last night Turkey attacked with heavy weapons the villages of Shewarxê and Malikiyê, after bombing the villages of Merenaz, Elqemiyê and Eyn Diqna and the town of Minêx.

Tens of houses are said to have been damaged because of the bombing.

Earlier on Sunday evening the occupying Turkish state had bombed the villages of Shiwarxa, Kela Shiwarxa and Malikiyê with howitzer and artillery shots.

The ongoing bombing is actually targeting civilian residential areas.