Thirteen villagers injured in village raid in Afrin

13 people were injured in an attack by mercenaries of the Turkish occupation state on the village of Îska near Jindires, Afrin.

According to ANHA news agency, mercenaries of the so-called Syrian National Army (SNA) stormed houses in the village of Îska in Afrin’s Jindires district. The troops commanded by the Turkish secret service MIT opened fire on the population and injured 13 people. Previously, on the same day, they had carried out a raid in the villages of Kefersefra and Goran and kidnapped 18 civilians. Such kidnappings happen daily and are often used to extort ransom money.

The acts of the Turkish army and allied mercenaries amount to war crimes. A UN commission has also emphasized the international criminal liability of the actions of the occupying forces in the occupied territories. The Turkish government is, however, directly responsible for the criminal acts in the occupied territories, since these are not individual excesses of militias that got out of control, but rather a targeted policy of extermination and expulsion, which is wanted by the Turkish state.