Thousands of people lit the fire of Newroz in Rojava

Thousands of people lit the fire of Newroz in Rojava, and saluted Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan, promising to free the occupied regions and to free their leader.

The fires of Newroz were lit in many cities of Northern and Eastern Syria.


Political parties, civil society organizations, members of defense institutions, wise men and hundreds of citizens from Manbij and its rural areas attended the Newroz celebration in the village of Tewq Xelil. The Newroz fire was lit by the mothers of martyrs, Meha El Ebdullah, Mehna Belûk, Kewser Hemo and Fatima Mihemed, and pigeons, the symbol of peace, were let flying.


Representatives of political parties under the umbrella of the Democratic Syrian Council (MSD), and wise leaders of the Kurdish and Arab community, lit the fire of Newroz in Hesekê with the slogan "We will liberate Leader Apo with the spirit of Newroz and defeat the occupation".


Citizens in the eastern countryside of Deir ez-Zor celebrated Newroz. Speakers said that Newroz is the celebration of unity and brotherhood of the peoples.


The people of Afrin, forcibly displaced in Shehba because of the Turkish invasion attacks in 2018, continue to be under the heavy attacks carried out by the Turkish state and the embargo of the Damascus government. Nonetheless, they lit the fire of Newroz.