Three martyrs of the Honor Resistance laid to rest in Kobanê

Three martyrs of the Honor Resistance were laid off to rest in Kobanê.

The martyrs of the Honor Resistance Mustefa Elûş (Nîbal Kobanê), Welîd Mihemed (Welîd Qezelî) and Macid Mûsa (Demhat Rojava) were laid to rest with a ceremony held at the Martyr Dicle graveyard in Kobanê.

Speaking at the funeral ceremony which started with a minute silence in a military fashion, Kobanê Canton Assembly co-chair Mustefa Êto expressed his condolences to the families of the martyrs.

Stating that a historical process has been passed Êto said: "We must be worthy of the gains and efforts made by the martyrs. We must unite for victory."

PYD executive, Şirîn Osman, recalled that one month of Honor Resistance has passed. "The strong will of the fighters is an indicator of victory."

In the speeches made on behalf of the families of martyrs, it was underlined that the martyrs are leading the way. 

The ceremony ended with the handing over of the martyr's papers to the families.