Til Temir under constant fire

Thirty villages in the vicinity of the northern Syrian town of Til Temir are occupied by Turkey, 27 villages are located directly on the front line and had to be evacuated. The chairman of the civil council, Ciwan Eyup, explains the current situation.

Since the invasion of northern Syria by the Turkish state, which began on 9 October 2019, thirty villages around Til Temir have been occupied. The attacks continue and 27 villages are right on the front line. Dozens of people were killed in the attacks and dozens were injured.

Ciwan Mele Eyup is co-chair of the civil council of Til Temir and has spoken to ANF about the current situation. He said that the district town and the surrounding villages have been under constant fire from the jihadist mercenaries of the Turkish state for almost two years.

“There is not a day on which the population is not attacked with tanks and grenades. Houses and fields are set on fire. The attacks on the villages near Til Temir and in the municipality of Zirgan have been intensifying for a week. The civilian population suffers from this. Many people lost their lives, dozens were injured. The village of Dildara is particularly affected, as grenades have hit the center."

Ciwan Eyup pointed out that before the new wave of attacks, the population was targeted with other weapons. “The supply of water and electricity has been interrupted. The supply from Alouk water station has been cut off over thirty times. One and a half million people in the canton of Hesekê have no drinking water. This causes many serious problems especially during the summer. Children and the elderly in particular have become ill as a result."

The Syrian troops stationed in Til Temir and the Russian military are not fulfilling their responsibility and don’t act to stop the attacks, said Eyup, adding: “The Russian forces have set up a base here, but they are not doing their job. The Turkish attacks are tacitly accepted. There is a ceasefire agreement with Russia as a guarantor power. The SDF stuck to the agreement and withdrew twenty kilometers.” In Til Temir, after the ceasefire agreement, a separate military council was set up to ensure the security of the region together with Naturo, the Xabûr defense forces and the Asayîş, said Eyup.

"Russia and the other states present in the region must immediately take their responsibility and stop the attacks on the civilian population," said Eyup, adding: "If the attacks continue, the demographic structure here can be changed as it has happened in Afrin, Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî. The Turkish state wants to settle its mercenaries here. Turkey also wants to control the M4 road, which is a lifeline in Syria and also important for trade. Immediate intervention must be taken against the attacks by the Turkish state.

The Turkish state has sent jihadists from organizations such as al-Nusra, Ahrar al-Sham and ISIS to take Til Temir. That has been prevented so far. The Christian, Kurdish and Arab populations are resisting together. Women and men are resisting together. Now the Turkish state itself is besieging Til Temir. The people continue to defend themselves."

Ciwan Eyup pointed out that there is massive propaganda made on social media. This gives the impression that Til Temir is already depopulated. "That's not true. All population groups are connected to their homeland and to the fallen. The city's cemetery is evidence of this. We will not leave our city."