Turkey bombed 31 villages in Sherawa and Shehba, injuring 8 civilians in July

The invading Turkish state bombed at least 31 villages in Sherawa and Shehba regions and injured 6 civilians and 2 Syrian regime soldiers in the month of July.

The Shehba Canton and the Sherawa district in Afrin Canton, which has been under Turkish occupation since 2018, witnessed intense attacks during the month of July.

Last month, 31 villages in Shehba Canton and Sherawa were bombed by the invading Turkish state. Howitzers, mortars, heavy machine guns, tanks and grenade launchers were used in the attacks. At least 2,323 howitzers, 165 tank shells and 633 mortar shells hit the villages in question.

While reconnaissance aircraft flew frequently over the region, drone attacks were carried out especially in Til Rifet. Two soldiers affiliated with the Syrian government were injured in four drone attacks.

Furthermore, six women from Afrin were injured in the attacks on the Shehba region.