Turkey’s gangs abduct more civilians, shoot villagers in Afrin

Turkey’s mercenary allies abducted more civilians from a village of Afrin and opened fire on the villagers who resisted. At least 52 civilians have been abducted in the occupied city this September.

A Turkish-backed terrorist group called “Samarkand Brigade” carried out consecutive raids on the village of Kefer Sefre in Afrin’s Jindires district yesterday evening. The gangs opened random fire during the attack and kidnapped civilians.

Those abducted in the first attack are couple Dilşan Koçer and Ebdilrehman Bermece, Zelûx Hisên, Mihemed Bermece and Xelîl Bermece who lost one of his fingers in the armed attack.


Local sources report that inhabitants of the village started to resist the mercenaries during their second attack, and they were targeted by direct gunfire. After the armed attack left 4 villagers wounded, Abdurrehman Bermece, Şaban Bermece and Murad Bermece ended up abducted.

Reports say that the cellphones of those kidnapped have been seized and it is not known where they were taken.

Before this attack, the gangs had kidnapped 7 civilians from the same village at noon on September 10.

Again on September 10, Turkey’s jihadist allies 75-year-old doctor Sebir Henan, the director of Cihan Hospital and no information was available on Henan's fate.

On the other hand, it came out that civilian Hemada Hisên Henfî, who had been abducted in Afrin in August, was murdered on September 9. Images of Hemada’s lifeless body showed clear marks of torture on it.


The Turkish army and affiliated mercenaries that occupied the Afrin city in March 2018 have increased their attacks and inhumane treatment against the civilians living in the city during recent months. Hardly a day goes without cases of abduction which targeted hundreds of people since early July.

Reports suggest that more than 500 civilians have been kidnapped by the invaders during the months of July and August. According to ANF information, at least 52 people have been abducted since the beginning of September. Actual figures are guessed to be higher.

Attacks of the Turkish state and its mercenary allies against the Afrin city and region began on 20 January 2018 and the invasion of the city by land was carried out on 18 March. Since the invasion, war crimes have been systematically committed in the region. The demographic structure of the region is being changed and crimes such as seizure of local people's properties, kidnapping of civilians for ransom, torture or executions have been going on on a daily basis.