“Turkey wants to occupy more areas in northern Syria”

Co-chair of the Kobanê People's Council, Merwa Dirêi, says that the policy of the Turkish state against the Kurds is not new and that Ankara's Neo-Ottoman policy is meant to occupy more areas in northern Syria.

Turkey's threats against the Federation of North and East Syria are not ending. Ankara is also trying to implement its further occupation plans in the neighboring country with the debates surrounding the establishment of a so-called security zone in northern Syria.

Merwa Dirêi, co-chair of the Kobanê People's Council, considers the policies of the Turkish state inhuman. She says the government of Ankara is currently implementing its neo-Ottoman policy in Afrin.

However, the people of northern Syria are not intimidated by this hostile policy, Dirêi explains, adding: "This will not undermine the will of the people here. On the contrary, we see how people are even more involved in the project of the democratic nation and in this way strengthen the principle of the fraternal coexistence of peoples."

Merwa Dirêi is convinced that this very bond of peoples' coexistence is a thorn in the side of Turkey. She remarks that Ankara intends to incite the peoples of the region against each other in order to make their own plans easier to implement. “For this reason, Turkey also supported the ISIS. But despite this support, the ISIS has been militarily defeated by the common struggle of the peoples.”

In this context, Dirêi also advocates the implementation of an international tribunal against the arrested ISIS fighters in northern Syria. Only in this way can it be ensured that the ISIS really belongs to history in a sustainable way. Dirêi therefore appeals to the international community to fulfill its responsibility for the implementation of such a tribunal.