Turkish army and its mercenaries interrupt water flow of Alouk station

The Turkish army and its mercenaries once again stopped the water flow of Alouk station, which supplies water to Hesekê Canton.

The invading Turkish army and its mercenaries continue their pressure on the peoples of Northern and Eastern Syria. The water flow of the Alouk water station, which provides drinking water to millions of people living in Hesekê Canton, was interrupted once again. According to the information obtained, water has not been supplied to the city for two days since the electricity to the water pumps was cut off by mercenaries.

It was recorded that the mercenaries also cut off the electricity going to the Dirbesiyê district without giving any reason.

The teams trying to go to the area to fix the faults that caused the power cuts were also blocked by mercenaries.

Since the occupation of Serêkaniyê, the water of Alouk station has been cut off at least 20 times by the Turkish state.

Approximately one and a half million people live in Hesekê Canton, its districts and camps.