Turkish army and mercenary allies expand attacks on Manbij

The Turkish and jihadist occupation forces in northern Syria are expanding their attacks on Manbij.

The Turkish and jihadist occupation forces are expanding their attacks on Manbij in northern Syria. After at least fifteen shells hit villages northwest of the city on Sunday morning, the village of Yulanli (also known as Al-Yalanili), about 25 kilometres west of the city centre, is now also being bombed. According to the Manbij Military Council, the attacks are being carried out from a Turkish base in the occupied village of al-Yashli.

The Manbij Military Council, which is organised within the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), stated that it was not initially known whether people were injured by the attacks. While the bombardments continue sporadically, there isn’t any information available yet on the full extent of the damage caused. A photo published by the fighting unit shows a cloud of smoke over houses apparently destroyed by artillery strikes.