Turkish attacks against Serekaniye continue

Attacks against northern Syria continue despite the agreement between Turkey and the US announced on Thursday.

ANF reporter Ersin Çaksu reports on the latest situation in the Serekaniye city, fortress of resistance, which has been the target of most violent attacks by the Turkish army and allied jihadists for the past 10 days since the launch of Turkish incursion seeking to invade the region.

Çaksu stated that Turkish forces and their mercenaries have continued with their attacks on several fronts throughout the night despite the deal made between the US and the Turkish state on October 17, Thursday.

According to the ANF correspondent’s reports from the ground, the Turkish army and mercenaries have deployed heavy weapons and armored vehicles around Serekaniye and attempted to enter the city through the western front.

Sporadic clashes were reported in the border area into the morning hours.

The hospital of Serekaniye was once again targeted by the attacks on the eastern front. Four large scale attacks were conducted against the hospital since Wednesday night.

Two injured civilians who couldn’t be transferred to another hospital due to the attacks and obstructions of the Turkish state have lost their lives.

Fighting continues on the western and eastern fronts of the city at the moment.