Turkish attacks on civilian settlements in Rojava continue

The occupying Turkish state continues to bomb civilian areas in Rojava. At least 56 locations have been the target of attacks in the last 48 hours.

After suffering heavy blows in its war against the guerrilla in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq), the Turkish state directed its attacks against civilian infrastructure and service institutions in Rojava.

Houses bombed in Qamishlo

This morning, a house was bombed in Sina neighbourhood in the east of Qamishlo city in Cizir Canton. No more detailed information about the attack has been received yet.

A few minutes later, another house close to the city centre market was bombed.

Power station attacked

A third attack took place against the Qamishlo power station. The attack caused major damage to the station.

Petrol station attacked in Tirbespiyê

Another airstrike was carried out against Udê petrol station in Tirbespiyê district of Cizir Canton.

Warehouse and power station bombed in Rimelan

In Rimêlan in Qamishlo canton, a warehouse and power station with oil well materials were targeted by the attacks. Material damage occurred as a result of the bombardment.

Seven villages attacked in Zirgan

The Turkish state and its gangs launched a bombardment on the villages of Til El Werd and El Rebîat in the south of Zirgan district of Hesekê canton and the villages of Mihermele, Dada Ebdal, Bobî, Til Hirmil and Esediyê in the west and northwest with heavy weapons at 11.00 local time. Vineyards and gardens belonging to civilians were damaged in the attacks.

Wedding hall bombed in Dirbêsiyê

A wedding hall was bombed in Dirbêsiyê district of Hesekê canton. Detailed information about the attack could not be obtained.

Turkey also bombed a power station in Dirbêsiyê. In the last two days, war crimes have been committed by directly targeting power stations in Amûdê, Dêrik, Qamishlo, Tirbespiyê, Kobanê and Ain Issa.

Grain silos bombed in Til Temir

At around 09.00 local time, the occupying Turkish state shelled the grain silos in Um Kêf village of Til Temir with heavy weapons.

Balance sheet for the past 48 hours

The occupying Turkish state escalated its attacks against North-East Syria on 12 January, following the large-scale attacks it had carried out in December.

The attacks targeted power, oil and gas facilities, as well as factories, security posts, mills, agricultural centres, wheat silos and workplaces.

According to ANHA, 56 areas were attacked by warplanes and UCAVs in the last 48 hours. In these attacks, 6 citizens, including 2 children aged 3 and 4 and a journalist, were wounded and 5 Syrian soldiers were killed.

The Euphrates Canton Energy Office announced that as a result of the attacks on power stations in Kobanê and Ain Issa, electricity was cut off in both cities and 660 villages.