Turkish-Russian patrol stoned in Kobanê

A Turkish-Russian patrol has been stoned in Kobanê. The patrol is the result of an agreement between Turkey and Russia.

As a result of the agreement that Turkey made with Russia on 22 October, joint patrols of both armies have begun in the Kobanê region. A convoy of seven Russian military vehicles has started moving in the direction of Maris Meylê, a village seven kilometers west of the city. The Turkish army joined the patrol with seven of its own vehicles. The convoy was accompanied from the air by a Russian drone.

Later, the convoy drove to the village of Qeremox, 16 kilometres east of Kobanê. There the military convoy was received by angry local residents who threw stones and shoes at the vehicles. This form of protest was repeated in many other places on the way to Kobanê. On the way, a large stone was marked "Erdoğan ist guilty.”