Villages in Manbij under attack

The Turkish army and allied mercenaries continue their attacks against North-East Syria where they have invaded territories in violation of international law.

The Turkish army and allied jihadist proxy forces launched an aggression on villages in the Manbij region on Saturday.

According to Manbij Military Council (MMC), which is affiliated with the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), the villages of Awn al-Dadat and Tokhar north of the city have been targeted by artillery and mortar shelling.

Manbij Military Council reported that the attacks caused damage to crops and green areas, but did not result in any casualties. The starting point of the attacks was a Turkish army base in the occupied town of Tokhar al-Kabir (Greater Tokhar). "With the attacks on the region, the occupying state is systematically pushing for the attrition and displacement of the population," the MMC said, condemning the aggression.

Manbij is located 30 kilometres south of the Turkish border and occupies a key strategic position in Turkey's plans to expand its illegal occupation zone. The city, which is administered by the Democratic Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (DAANES), is located on the important M4 motorway, which runs through northern Syria like a lifeline and was a strategic supply route for ISIS. The military council set up for the defence of Manbij also includes the Enîya Kurdan (ar. Jabhat al-Akrad, or Kurdish Front) and the Revolutionary Brigade Idlib. They fend off attacks by the occupying forces and infiltrations on an almost daily basis.