Water supply ensured in Afrin again

After the destruction of the waterworks in Afrin by the Turkish military, the city administration has repaired old wells to ensure water supply for the population.

Since the beginning of the Turkish invasion operation on 20 January, the civilian population and infrastructure in Afrin are being attacked to trigger an escape by the locals. Waterworks, bakeries, electricity and telephone lines are also affected by the attacks.

The water supply in Afrin has been interrupted since a Turkish air raid on a sewage treatment plant at Meydankê Dam.

The municipality of Afrin then repaired the old wells in the city and supplied the population with tank trucks. In total there are six large wells. The city administration has five tankers, which are now in use 24 hours a day in all parts of the city.

As the city administration told ANF, the Turkish state wants to force the population to escape through targeted attacks on the infrastructure. At least the water problem, however, could be solved. The water quality of the old wells has not been analyzed, therefore, only boiled water should be used as drinking water, the city council said.