Widespread attacks on Rojava result in casualties

The Turkish army has carried out drone and artillery attacks on Amûdê, Qamişlo, Dirbêsiyê, Zirgan and Tirbespiyê. Several people were killed, one Syrian soldier and at least eight civilians were wounded, including children.

The Turkish army has been carrying out drone and artillery attacks on various locations in north-eastern Syria since the early morning, resulting in deaths and injuries. In Amûdê, a building was bombed by a drone, and according to reports, four people were killed and three injured in a drone attack in Qamişlo. Near Til Temir, a 55-year-old villager was killed in an artillery attack.

An unknown number of civilians were injured in artillery attacks on the villages of Sêgirka and Til Zîwan, east of Qamişlo. Seven people are being treated in hospital, including four minors aged between five and 16.

In the afternoon, shells hit villages near Amûdê, Dirbêsiyê, Zirgan and Tirbespiyê. A Damascus government soldier was injured in the village of Qeremanê west of Dirbêsiye, a woman working in the fields in the northwest of Tirbespiyê, and a thirty-year-old civilian near Amûdê. Shell impacts were also recorded in the vicinity of a US base and an Assyrian church in Tirbespiyê.

Five killed in Ain Issa and Girê Spî in ten days

According to the Girê Spî Military Council, five people have been killed in Turkish drone attacks around Ain Issa in the past ten days, including one civilian and four members of the security forces. Two other people were seriously injured. The Military Council has recorded a total of thirty attacks; in addition to drones, tanks, mortar shells and snipers were used.

81 shells on Manbij

The Manbij Military Council has also published a balance sheet of Turkish attacks in the last ten days. According to this, 81 shells have hit villages in the north-west of the city.