Woman tells of one year of torture by occupation forces in Afrin

A woman from Afrin tells of her one-year captivity by the occupation forces in Afrin. She was abducted by the invaders together with her three-year-old daughter.

Almost every day people in occupied Afrin are abducted by militias or the Turkish army. The commercial school in Afrin was converted into a torture centre. Hundreds of people, mainly women, have been brought there so far.

One of these women is E.A. She was released a week ago for ransom and was saved from torture along with her three-year-old daughter. She spoke to ANHA news agency about her one year under torture. At first her husband was kidnapped under the pretext that he had connections to the local government. Then, on 23 June 2019, 27-year-old E.A. was abducted together with her three-year-old daughter. They were taken to the torture centre in the commercial school under the pretext that she had connections with the People's and Women's Defence Units YPG and YPJ. There the prisoners are tortured in every possible way. To prevent them from remembering the torture, they are given drugs. Dozens of people have died of the abuse in this torture centre alone.

Release for ransom

Within a year, E.A.'s father finally raised the required 17 million Syrian lira ransom. Mother and daughter were then released. E.A. immediately went with her mother and father to the free region Shehba. Her husband, however, remains "disappeared".

"They tortured us with water hoses"

E.A. tells: "The gangs kidnapped us from our house for unknown reasons. They took us to the commercial school. There they beat us with water hoses. They insulted us. Every time we were beaten, they claimed I had connections with the YPG and was supposed to give them information.”

"They threatened to kill my daughter"

The woman continues: “One of these militiamen named Abu Haydar interrogated me during the torture. They kept saying that I was part of the YPG and asked me what information I gave them. When I said that I had nothing to do with it and did not give any information, they threatened me to kill my daughter or give her drugs.”

"They forced us to watch the torture"

E.A tells: “Abu Haydar threatened me constantly. He threatened to kill my daughter, rape me, take pictures and distribute them to everyone. He forced me to watch the cruel torture of women. The women were tortured with electric shocks and blows with water hoses. The torture was so bad that I became ill because of the sight.”

"They gave drugs to disguise the torture"

“The places where we were held were very dirty. That's why diseases spread. So that the torture does not come to light and the women no longer know what has been done to them, they are given drugs with syringes and tablets. Several women have become very ill."

E.A. tells about pregnant women who were forced to give birth under these conditions and says: "We were not given any health care whatsoever. Not even the newborn children were given milk or clothing."

"Many were murdered by torture, the survivors are severely traumatized"

E.A. states that many died as a result of torture and adds: "Those who managed to survive suffered psychological damage due to the severe torture. In addition, execution was ordered for the majority of women."

E.A. appeals to the autonomous administration and the YPG and YPJ to put an end to this horror.

The "military police" serve as torturers of the Turkish occupation regime

The most notorious torturers like Abu Haydar, Abu Arab, Abu Siad and Abu Sayir originate from the "military police" of the Turkish occupation regime. These military police are recruited from various jihadist militias. The torture centre in the commercial school is also run by the "military police".