Yazidi graves are destroyed in Afrin

Yazidi refugees from Afrin complain about the destruction of graves and holy places in the occupied region in northern Syria.

The attacks of the Turkish state and its militias on territories in occupied Afrin and the region of Shehba continue. Accused of being "infidels" and "Zoroastrians", the Yazidis are particularly targeted by the Turkish state and its jihadist militias. Recently, Yazidi graves in Afrin, which are considered sacred, have been destroyed again.

Yazidi IDPs from Afrin have spoken to ANHA in Til Rifat about the attacks. "First they drove us out and now they are destroying our graves in Afrin ", they say. Henen Naro himself survived a massacre by the occupation forces and said: "After the cruel attacks we had to go to Shehba. To expel us was not enough for the Turkish state and its gangs, now they have even destroyed our graves. Finally they destroyed the grave of the Yazidi religious scholar Şêx Ali in Basûfan. The international legal institutions should ensure that this injustice stops. We demand the protection of our holy places."

Yazidi citizen Şikri Ebdo first congratulated the Muslims on Ramadan and said: "The Turkish state and its militias do not even tolerate our holy places. We will continue to resist the Turkish occupation. In the end, we will return to our homeland."