Young people from Kobanê condemn Turkish attacks and vow to protect their land

Young people from Kobanê said that the Turkish state wants to expel the young people from their homeland through a special war, and vowed to protect their land.

The Turkish state uses every method in its war against the peoples of Northern and Eastern Syria. It is with this special war method that it aims to make Kurdish youth leave their lands and go to European countries.

Speaking on the subject, young people from Kobanê said that they will continue to live on their land and vow to protect it from attacks by the Turkish state. Young people called on everyone to reclaim their land and return to the country.

Zîn Ehmed drew attention to the special war practices implemented by the Turkish state against the young people and said: "The Turkish state wants to evacuate and attack our lands. I urge everyone here not to leave and those who left to return. No country other than our own is of use to us. People go to other countries where they cannot live freely. As young people from Kobanê, we will stay on our land. We will never give up on our land."

Call on young people to remain

Rûken Temo Îbrahim asked: "Isn't it the European countries that are tearing up Kurdistan?" and added: "Why do our youth go to Europe? Our young people with successful careers have to go and work in restaurants there. I urge young people to protect their land and not go to other countries."