YPG Spokesman: We are ready to defend the region with new tactics

YPG Spokesman Nuri Mahmoud says the Defense Forces of North and East Syria are ready to defend the region with new tactics and strategies against an all-out Turkish attack.

In recent weeks and months, there have been increasing signs that a new Turkish invasion of northern and eastern Syria may be imminent. Only in late November, the Turkish government had its parliament issue a blank check for cross-border operations within the next two years. Turkish troops are being massed in the occupied areas in northern Syria. Speaking to the northern Syrian news agency ANHA, YPG Spokesman Nuri Mahmoud commented on these developments. He stressed that the defense forces had learned their lessons from the occupation of Afrin, Girê Spî (Tal Abyad) and Serêkaniyê (Ras al-Ain) and were now prepared to use "new strategies and tactics to counter a possible attack."

"Demonstration of Russia's power"

Regarding the Russian maneuvers in the region, Mahmoud said: "With its maneuvers, Russia is trying to create the image that it is defending Syria against Erdoğan's threats. But this is not the solution. A state like Russia should play a more important role, which is to support the unity of Syria's people and pave the way for a democratic solution."

Mahmoud called the inability of major powers like the U.S. and Russia to create a political and democratic solution in Syria to date a "disgrace." He also said Russia's maneuvers could neither prevent a war nor promote a solution. He continued, "Without serious discussions on the implementation of the autonomous administration model and other system alternatives proposed for Syria, and without the participation of all sectors of the population in them, no solution can be achieved in the interests of the peoples of Syria. Therefore, these maneuvers are not a solution either."

On the question of whether Russia will hand over Kobanê to Turkey in exchange for Idlib, Mahmoud said, "There may be a deal, but we have not received any information about it officially. The most recent example of such a deal is Afrin. We have always said Russia must play its role as a guarantor power in a political and democratic solution."

"We have great experience of war"

The YPG Spokesman stressed that the YPG and YPJ, as well as the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), have great war experience and are fighting to defend the "values of the revolution" on the basis of legitimate self-defense. "We were established to protect the goal, dignity and values of the revolution. In this process, we have gained great experience. In particular, we have gained experience in the fight against terrorist groups under the aegis of Erdoğan, such as ISIS and al-Qaeda," he explained.

"New tactics and strategies"

Mahmoud classified the experience of the previous invasions and said, "There were fierce air attacks on Afrin, Girê Spî and Serêkaniyê [during the Turkish invasion]. In other words, there was no balance between our forces and the Turkish army in terms of the technology used. This situation has been discussed in detail by our forces and tactics and strategies have been developed on how to take action in this regard. As a result, our forces are ready to do everything to protect the goals and values of the revolution and the dignity of society based on legitimate defense."

"Everyone knows how we resisted"

Mahmoud continued, "Our goal is a democratic solution inside Syria, and in accordance with the principles of legitimate defense, war in this sense has never been our priority. But since we were constantly exposed to attacks, we had to fight to defend ourselves. Everyone knows how we resist when we have to; victory belongs to us and our people."

"The just struggle of the peoples"

The YPG Spokesman defined Rojava's success since the revolution as proof that the people of the region are right in their model, saying, "During his meeting with Erdoğan, Mr. Biden emphasized human rights and democracy. Since the beginning of the revolution, the Autonomous Administration and our forces have led the way in this sense. When everyone was talking about the 'Arab Spring', we were talking about the 'Spring of the Peoples'. The struggle of the peoples, the women, the youth, the different worldviews in northern and eastern Syria, in short, all the components that needed freedom, proved that the definition of 'Spring of the Peoples', was correct."

"We will show the true face of Turkey"

Mahmoud also described the struggle of Rojava and northeastern Syria as a struggle for truth. He said, "In 2012, with our resistance in Serêkaniyê, we showed the world that al-Qaeda and al-Nusra were indeed organized among the groups calling themselves the 'Free Syrian Army.' Then, in Kobanê, we defeated the previously undefeated ISIS. With our fight, we revealed the true face of the opposition. Today, we tear the mask off the face of the fascism of the Turkish president and his AKP/MHP government."

"Defending the truth"

Mahmoud continued: "We have already recognized from the beginning that the real problem is democracy and human rights. The world is one step behind us in its approach to the problem. The truths that we brought to light before the world public in the revolution were always the product of the conscience and morality of our society. They proved that there is no other solution. Our forces have resisted and will continue to resist to protect this truth."

"The people should prepare for a life of dignity and freedom"

The YPG Spokesman concluded by saying: "The people of Rojava and northern and eastern Syria have made great sacrifices. During the revolutionary process, they showed great courage to protect both the honor and the goals of the revolution, and thus they won great victories against terror. A people who fought the people's revolutionary war in this way will not stop until they achieve freedom and guarantee the protection of their values. Our people will do what is necessary against the threat of the Turkish president who wants to establish his sultanate here. Our forces, the YPG/YPJ and SDF, were created by the will of the people, and it is this will that sustains us. Our people should organize themselves based on this reality and build a free and dignified life."