YPJ Commander Nucan: The resistance will determine our future

YPJ General Command Member Axin Nucan evaluated the occupation attack of the Turkish state and mercenaries against Rojava.

YPJ General Command Member Axin Nucan evaluated the occupation attack of the Turkish state and mercenaries against Rojava.

Nucan reminded that the attack started on 9 October and aimed at genocide, displacement of peoples and implementing demographic change.

Nucan also reminded of the resistance against the occupation attack in many parts of Rojava, especially Serêkaniyê, and said that this was the second Kobanê resistance.

Nucan emphasized that the attack of the invading Turkish army was directed against the will of all peoples, and the resistance against it was to protect human dignity.

Noting that the occupation attacks were part of the general concept against the revolution, Nucan added: "The occupying Turkish state is trying to re-create the Ottoman Empire in the region through Erdoğan himself. Erdoğan drew a map according to him. On the first day of the invasion, Erdoğan said 'The first step will be to clean the region, the second step will be to settle the migrants in the region'. Which refugees or displaced people is Erdoğan talking about? In reality he wants to install mercenary families to replace local people."

As to the five-day ceasefire agreement, Nucan said that they accepted it in line with certain conditions and added: "However, the conditions they have expressed on television channels are very different from the conditions they told us. It is not possible to talk about a ceasefire at the moment. It is a situation put forward to change the agenda. The whole world has reacted harshly to the occupation attacks of Erdoğan and this forced him to make a decision. Our friends resisted all the brutal attacks and the technique of the occupying state in Serêkaniyê. America is, together with Erdoğan, responsible for all the martyrs, wounded and massacres of our people after the ceasefire. This should be clear. "

Commander Nucan recalled that they were fighting against ISIS mercenaries who had actually been trained by the Erdoğan administration until yesterday. "How dares Erdoğan calling us 'terrorists'?" she added.

Nucan continued: "All of our fighters want to go to Serêkaniyê and join the resistance there. We can hardly stop our friends. This resistance will determine the future, and it is with this awareness that our fighters look forward to joining the resistance. We accept no life except the free life. Zin Kobanê, Nergiz, Rohanî, Nûpelda and many other friends participate in the Rojava revolution with the same determination. Our friends meet death with a smile in Serêkaniyê. We do not think of anything other than success, they say."

YPJ General Command Member Axin Nucan ended her remarks by calling on the people to support the resistance.