83 years old Seydo Belo: Gangs in Afrin wanted to behead me

83 years old Seydo Arif Belo said he was subjected to inhumane torture by the invading Turkish soldiers and their allied gangs during his time in Afrin and added that the gangs wanted to behead him.

The invading Turkish state and their allied gangs started to pillage Afrin after they barbarically attacked the city, and continue to attack the residents in immoral and inhumane ways. The torture 83 years old Seydo Arif Belo, who managed to save himself from the gans and reach the Shehba Canton, was subjected to shows the barbarism of Turkish soldiers and their gangs.

Seydo lived in the Dîkê village in Afrin’s Rajo region, and stayed in his village despite all the attacks and the pressure by the invaders because he didn’t want to leave his lands. The gangs didn’t allow Seydo to plow his fields after they started their pillaging, and he was subjected to inhumane attacks by the Turkish soldiers and the gangs one day as he was working in the field.

Dozens of Turkish soldiers and gang members came to the field as Seydo was working, and they “started to beat me without any explanat’on. A gang member who said his name was Mihemed and spoke Kurdish to me pushed me to the ground and searched my pockets. I had 50.000 Syrian Liras and 800 Turkish Liras on me. He took all my money and my phone and put them in his pocket.”

Seydo said the gang member named Mihemed put a knife to his throat after he took his money: “Then he changed his mind about beheading me and put me in a vehicle. They blindfolded me. They brought 4 more men from the Belîlko village. They took us to a spot close to Rajo with blindfolds.”

Seydo said they were constantly subjected to physical torture where they were taken and added: “There were 8 others with me where I was held. Among them were 95 years old Ezedîn Mihemed and his daughter from the Moskê village. We were held there for 2 days and were never given food. They would come in and beat us up anytime.

Seydo said they were later taken to an outpost in the Belîlo village and taken in for interrogation: “I had no crimes at all. Then they took me to the checkpoint in Rajo. A relative came to pick me up.”

Seydo said he later called his son who was in Shehba already and asked him for money. He managed to pay his way out of the city and went to the Shehba Canton.